Pledge the Day

Local elections this year take place on May 3rd. Winning these council seats for Labour will make a massive difference for communities across the country. 

Our movement has been running events up and down the country to get people knocking on doors, talking to voters, and campaigning for Labour. Thousands have turned out to canvass, campaigning to #Unseat Tories in key marginal councils.

The groundwork has been laid, but in order to win these seats and destabalise the Tory party, we need people to get out and vote. That’s why we’re asking you to Pledge The Day on May 3rd to help us Get Out The Vote for Labour.

You can make a big difference in this election. Pledge The Day now, and we'll be in touch with info about where best to go to have the biggest impact. Let's wake up on May 4th to more progressive, Labour councils - for the many, not the few.



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